General terms and conditions of business

1. Scope

For all orders placed through our online shop the following terms and conditions apply.

2. contractor contract

The purchase comes with MEZZ Holding Ltd.

By setting the products in the online shop, we submit no binding offer to conclude a contract on this article. You can initially suggested put our products into your cart and correct your entries before sending your binding offer any time, by using the purpose of the order procedure foreseen and explained proofing tools. Immediately after sending the offer you will receive once a confirmation e-mail.

A binding offer may also previously as follows come about:
• If you have selected credit card payment, the offer comes into effect at the time the credit card charge.
• If you have selected Sepa direct debit, the offer is concluded with the receipt of the notification of the date of account debit (prenotification) materialize.
• If you choose the payment method PayPal, the offer comes into effect on the date of your credit card payment to PayPal.
• If you have chosen the payment IMMEDIATELY transfer, the offer comes into effect at the time of confirming the payment instruction to the emergency GmbH.

The contract is not concluded before we accept your offer.

The funds available for the contract languages ​​are German and English.

We save the contract text and send you the order data and our GTC by e-mail. The terms and conditions can be viewed on this page at any time here. Your past orders can be viewed in our customer login.

3. Delivery

Nor are added shipping costs in addition to those specified product prices. For details on the amount of shipping you will learn in the offers.

We only provide the transport route. A collection of the goods is not possible.

We do not deliver to packing stations.

4. Payment

In our shop you can use the following payment methods are available:

Cash in advance
With the advance payment, we will provide our bank details in the order confirmation and deliver the goods after payment.

Credit card
Your credit card will be charged with completing the purchase.

If you choose the payment method credit card will not be charged.

SEPA Direct Debit

Unless you give us a SEPA mandate, payment by direct debit from your bank account. The account debited before shipping the goods. We will inform you separately in a preliminary announcement of the date of account debit.

The deadline for your advance information about the date the account is debited (pre-notification period) is shortened to 2 days.

If you choose the payment SEPA direct debit will not be charged.


 You pay the invoice amount through the online provider Paypal. You must be registered in principle there or to register, legitimize with your access and confirm the payment instruction to us. For more information, please contact the ordering process.

If you choose the payment method Paypal / Paypal Express will not be charged.

Direct ebanking

We also offer direct ebanking. Here we get the referral credit immediately. As a result, accelerated the entire ordering process. All you need is the account number, bank code, PIN and TAN. Via the secure, not accessible to vendors of payment form IMMEDIATELY GmbH provides direct ebanking automatically and in real-time a referral in your online bank account. The purchase amount is transferred instantly and directly to the bank account of the merchant. If you select the payment method direct ebanking opens at the end of the ordering process is a pre-filled form. This already includes our bank details. Moreover, the transfer amount and intended use are displayed in the form already. You now need to select the country where you have your online banking account and enter the bank code. Then enter the same data as in Sign up for online banking a (account number and PIN). Confirm your order by entering the TAN. Immediately after you receive confirmation of the transaction. Basically, use the direct ebanking as payment every internet user, if he has an unlocked online banking account with PIN / TAN procedure. Please note that a few banks direct ebanking is not yet available. For more information to see if your bank supports this service.

If you choose the payment method direct ebanking no costs.

5. Non-fulfillment

If you haven't paid the purchase price at the due date or if you refuse to accept the goods you purchased, and if we have unsuccessfully tried to allow for a reasonable delay to either pay and/or accept the goods, we reserve the right to cancel this purchasing contract and to claim financial damages due to your failure to fulfill your contractual obligations. However, we have the right to deny you this reasonable delay should you right after the contract seriously and firmly declare that you don't intent to honor the contract at all. As a consequence, we then reserve the right to claim 25% of the purchase price as financial damages to us.
When this has happened, you have the right to try to prove to us that there were no financial damages to us as a consequence of your failure to honor the contract, but at the same time, we reserve the right to prove even higher financial damages than the default 25% and claim an even higher percentage accordingly.

6. Retention of title

The goods remain our property until full payment.

7. Warranties

1.) Within 3 days of receiving the product, contact us with a photo or video showing the issue and whether you want a refund or replacement.

  • What we will need from you.
    A photo or video showing the issue
    A photo of the shipping label and original packaging
    To tell us if you prefer a refund or replacement

2.) We will review your claim and contact you if we need more information;

3.) If approved, we will arrange a refund or a replacement of the defective product, and you may be asked to return it. We will be responsible for paying the return shipping fees.

4) It is the statutory warranty rights from Hong Kong. Information on any applicable additional guarantees and their exact conditions can be found at each product and on special pages of information in the shop.

Customer service:

8. Liability

For claims due to damages caused by us, our legal representatives or agents, we are liable always unlimited
• for loss of life, limb or health, if it is occurred in a culpable way,
• in a willful or grossly negligent breach of duty
• for any warranty promise, if agreed
• the scope of the Product Liability Act is far opened.

For breach of contractual obligations, the fulfillment of which renders a correct execution of the contract and on whose compliance the contracting partner may regularly trust (cardinal obligations) due to slight negligence by us, our legal representatives or agents is the amount of liability to the foreseeable upon conclusion of damage limited, must be expected to incur typically.

Incidentally, claims for damages are excluded.



1) Consumers have the following right of withdrawal:

2) Cancellation

You have the right to withdraw within fourteen days without giving a reason this contract.
The withdrawal period shall be fourteen days from the date, have taken to buy, or a representative of your third party, other than the carrier, the goods in possession of or has.
To exercise your right, you must notify us at MEZZ Holding Ltd, 20/F, Central Tower, 28 Queen's Road CENTRAL, HONG KONG or email: means an unambiguous declaration (eg a consigned by mail letter, fax or e-mail) about your decision to withdraw from this contract, inform.
To safeguard the withdrawal period it is sufficient that you send your communication concerning the exercise of the right before the expiration of the withdrawal period.

Effects of withdrawal
If you withdraw from this contract, we will reimburse all payments we receive from you, including the costs of supply (with the exception of the additional costs arising from the fact that you have chosen a different method of delivery than that offered by us, cheapest Standard have), and repay immediately latest within fourteen days from the date on which the notification has been received through your cancellation of this contract with us. For this redemption, we use the same method of payment that you used in the original transaction, unless you expressly agreed otherwise; in any case you will be charged fees because of this repayment. We may withhold reimbursement until we have received the returned goods back. The return by the buyer at his own expense and will not be refunded.

You have the goods promptly and in any event not later than fourteen days from the date on which you inform us of revocation of this contract, to us, MEZZ Holding Ltd, returned or transferred, the address for the return you receive from us after we have received the revocation. The deadline is met if you send the goods before the period of fourteen days. You only need to pay for any diminished value of the goods, where the value loss is due to a necessary to ascertain the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods handling. A revocation is only possible if the goods in their original box, original packaging, unused, undamaged and without signs of wear will be sent to us.

3)The right of withdrawal does not apply to the following contracts:

- Contracts for the supply of goods which are not prefabricated and for their production of an individual choice or decision by the consumer shall prevail or which are clearly tailored to the personal needs of the consumer.
- Contracts for the supply of goods that can spoil quickly or whose expiration date has passed quickly.
- Contracts for the supply of sealed goods which are not suitable for reasons of health or hygiene to return if their seal was removed after delivery.
- Contracts for the supply of hygienic goods which are not suitable for return for reasons of health or hygiene, such as underwear and swimwear.
- Contracts for the supply of goods if they were mixed after delivery due to their nature inseparably with other goods.
- Contracts for the supply of audio or video recordings or computer software in a sealed package, if the seal was removed after delivery.
- Contracts for the supply of newspapers, periodicals or magazines with the exception of subscription contracts.
- If the contract with a contractor within the meaning of § 14 of the German Civil Code concluded, the exclusion of warranty is agreed.

Stand, 05/21/2016

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